가격문의(상세정보 참조)






3 Years


University of Cebu    


  Hi!! I'm Arnecita D. Torrefiel but most people call me Aya .:) I am 26 years old; I am from Callituban Talibon Bohol and now currently living in Lapu-lapu city. I have three sisters and two brothers and i am the youngest of the family. I am very hard headed daughter and sister to my Family because I do believe that I can manage in my own without depending them. 

  I practiced to live away from them but it doesn’t mean I am a bad daughter or person it’s just that I want to be free. I used to read novels and surfing internet when my boredom strikes. I do like to jogging or having zumba sometimes. I like to sing and dance in our house because this is how can I express my feelings. 

  I am a easily sympathized to other people when they are down. I have only few friends but I can assure that they are my true/real friends. I am just a simple person.