가격문의(상세정보 참조)






6 years


University of Cebu    


 HI everyone! Have a great day! I am Teacher Breezy. I am an outgoing person and optimistic. As much as possible, I let my students learn in an interesting way. Here at ace-phone, we see to it that we can provide you the best of what you need and want to learn. ace-phone is a company that caters the client's' needs in an absolutely special way. 

  This company never fades from pampering the students and remember their importance to the online academy, ace-phone. The teachers here in ace-phone are superbly competitive in the field of teaching. We never let our students down with the way they want their teachers to teach them. In addition, the students are given time to set free from the tiresome days in schools and academies and close their days with a smile on their faces. 

  We provide materials for learning such us the books needed for the class (available in the homepage). A day is also given for the child to enjoy a game or two that would as well back their leanings up for better English. So, what are you waiting for? join our family now and together, let's help each other to be a GOOD ENGLISH SPEAKER! Because here at ace-phone, teachers educate with interest and fun.