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7 years


Cebu Technological Institute     


 Hi my name is Teacher Jonah, I am an Online teacher. I studied at Cebu Technological University with the major of Bachelor in Elementary Education. After completing my degree I started working as a call center agent then as an ESL teacher. I have been teaching English since 2014.I have been working both offline and online. 

  I can work with students with all ages and levels and I am very confident that I can deliver a positive result because I pay full attention to my students needs my specialty is about oral communication skills such as daily conversation exercises and free talking activities. 

Learning English is not just perfecting your vocabulary or improving your speaking and listening skills. It is all about how you deliver and consider it.I would say that I am very friendly, fun and a dedicated person. Here in my class, you can expect to learn in a fun and motivating surrounding. I will be very glad to see you here in the class. I am so excited to share my knowledge and motivation with you in learning English. See you soon!